Brad Garrett is a top Emotional Intelligence keynote speaker for companies and organizations striving for effective communication, leadership and team performance.

As an expert in emotional intelligence, Brad Garrett delivers keynotes, small group presentations and seminars that empower people, leaders and teams to take control of their lives; and overcome life’s obstacles, difficult emotions and problem behavior in their personal and professional lives.

As a trainer, teacher and speaker for the Department of Juvenile Justice Services in Las Vegas, Nevada for 20+ years, Brad provided professional training on numerous topics ranging from Suicide and Crisis Intervention, Dealing with Violent Youth, Substance Abuse and Addiction, Addressing Mental Health issues in Adolescents and Youth, and Manage Your Emotions-Manage Your Life, teaching Probation and Detention staff how to control negative emotions such as anger, anxiety, stress and depression to improve their job performance and the quality of their life.

If you are looking for a speaker at your upcoming event, Brad offers several topics including, but not limited to: