Relax Through Controlled Breathing

Learning to control an emotional reaction is one way you can begin to take control in your life.  Negative emotions can harm relationships and hurt job opportunities, not to mention lead to more serious problems such as the bad behavior that comes with anger, like yelling, cussing, or threatening someone when you are upset. Anxiety can lead to panic attacks, and stress to physical health issues over time.

What I want to share with you is a proven technique for calming yourself down from any negative emotional reaction such as anger, anxiety, frustration, or impatience in less than a minute. It has helped many of the people I have or am now working to gain control over these type of emotional reactions.

Learning to control an emotional reaction takes a little bit of effort at first. Most people are unaware of the power they have over their emotions and emotional reactions. Controlling an emotional reaction is the first step in learning to control your emotions, which results in improving the quality of your life.

Check out the technique below to learn how to control an emotional reaction in less than 1 minute. I know it will help you because it has been proven to help others.