Jesus Revolution

The JESUS REVOLUTION is a historical event that swept across America originating in So. Cal. 1968-72, which changed hundreds of thousands of hippies from sex, drugs and rock n roll, to what became known as Jesus freaks. I know because I was there.

   Our band, Wolf Ticket, had recently broken up after playing the biggest concert of our short career, opening for Led Zeppelin. One day our drummer, Billy G, asked me if I wanted to go to church. It wasn’t that he was spiritually minded, he was chasing a girl. I had a car and he didn’t, and needed a ride. To this day I do not know why I said yes.

   On Sunday we entered Trinity Temple, long hair, tye dye shirts, holes in our jeans and sandals, compared to the black suits and ties and women in long dresses. What a shock it must have been for some, but we were surprisingly accepted as we began our journey to discover who Jesus was.

   I remember that day in church because I felt something during the service I had never felt before. I was all about experience which was why I was given over to drugs and drinking and loved music. But this feeling I had was different. I needed to find out what it was. So I kept going back to church,  Sun and Wen services, and bought a Bible. What was it I had felt?

   After several months the church hosted an Everlasting Living Water concert featuring the first Calvary Chapel bands, Love Song (in Jesus Revolution movie), Children of the Day, and The Way. Lonnie Frisbee (in JR movie) was the speaker after the bands were done.

   Prior to the concert I was in the choir room with other helpers for the concert. Lonnie was sharing what to expect that night. After a few minutes of Lonnie speaking, it happened. I heard God say to me. “Why are you here?” Although there was 20+ people in the room, suddenly it was just me and God.

   If there is a God, then He is the creator and giver of life. He knows who we are. I knew why He had asked me the question. After several months of church attendance and reading the Bible, I came to believe Jesus was who He said He was. I just wasn’t willing to give up my hippie lifestyle, repent and receive Him as my savior.

   Why are you here? penetrated deep and filled my thoughts. Friday evening, April 23, 1971, I committed my life to Christ and was revolutionized. The next morning I woke up drug free and filled with joy. Shortly after Billy became a Christian and so did some of our friends. The revolution had begun and was spreading throughout Las Vegas. The girl who Billy was chasing became a Christian and later his wife.

   Most revolutions are bloody, the French and American, and the communist revolutions in China and Cuba. The only blood shed in the Jesus Revolution was shed 2000-yrs age on a cross for the forgiveness of sin.   

   Jesus can revolutionize you life, all you have to do is ask.    Check out the Jesus Revolution movie.