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   Announcing the release of my book Take Control of Your Life by Rushmore Press and a fresh start to my website and blog. The pandemic was beneficial in putting my focus on redoing my yard and the inside of my house but caused me to choose to neglect, for a time my website and blog.
   Hope breds optimism and optimism leads to positive energy. We all need hope to move forward in life.
   My book teaches people how to control any problematic emotion, change negative and repetitive behavior, including addictions, by changing how you think about thins and look at life.
   I will try to be encouraging, while being informative, on my blog. I f it benefits you let me know, and better still is pass it on to someone else to check out.

Announcing a fresh start of my blog, Brad’s Perspective. My goal will be to share an encouraging perspective of life, while at times, hopefully, challenging your way thinking.

If in some way I am able to accomplish that, please pass what encouraged you on to others. And if you think it might be beneficial to them, pass on my blog, Brad’s Perspective. Thanks in advance.

My book has been recently released by Rushmore Press. It is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.