Enjoying Life is Your Choice

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The license plate frame on the car in front of me at the drive thru read, “Enjoy Life” at the top, and on the bottom,  it read, “This is not a rehearsal.” How simple, yet profound. It reminds me of a song by Savoy Brown, “Life’s One Act Play.” When it is done, there are no do overs. How we choose to live, and what we focus on each day determines the type of day and life we will have.

What is the purpose of life if it is not to enjoy what we have been given? You have the gift of life, the blessing of family and friends, and having your needs met, so you should be thankful. Yet so many people seem to focus on the negative things in life and lose sight of what they have. For them, is the glass of life half-empty or half-full?

Do you look at life from a positive viewpoint or a negative one? Your perspective determines much of what will happen to you today, as well as to where your life is currently.

Enjoying life is a choice. It is not simply a reaction when something positive happens. Stop and think for a moment, “Are you enjoying your life, or do you only get enjoyment from life if something good happens to you?” Enjoying life is a state of being. Enjoyment is not based solely on what happens to you, although that is a part of it.

The thought that life is not a dress rehearsal should remind you that at the end of the day, whatever you did, it is a finished product. To improve how you live your life and what you feel, you have got to pay attention to how you think, react and behave today. There are no do overs. Tomorrow will be a new day, with new challenges and opportunities. Tomorrow, you will get another chance to decide how you want your life to go.

I run into many people who have no happiness or joy in their life. They feel overwhelmed. The responsibilities, the busyness, financial debt, relationship difficulties and health issues to name a few, rob them of the positive feelings of joy and happiness. Some struggle with mental health issues, others struggle with emotions that get out of control like stress and anger, while others struggle with addictions and bad habits.

Every person has the ability and power to take control of their life and change. You are capable of making the changes you need to make to overcome any and all of the issues listed above. It starts with recognizing you are not getting out of your life what you want. This is followed by examining how you think about the things in your life, where you are and where you want to be. If you see you are not where you want to be, now is the perfect time to make changes.

Every day you wake up you can choose to focus on the positive, keep a positive attitude, think positive and reject anything negative. Confront the day’s difficulties with confidence and determination to overcome whatever comes your way. Realize a problem is something that needs to be resolved, not to be stressed-out over. Then at the end your day will come the feelings of satisfaction, along with feelings of joy and happiness because you are in control and moving forward. And remember to have an attitude of gratitude for all you have been blessed with.

I want to close with some words from “Precious Time” by Van Morrison. The words to me talk about the importance of living the best life possible.

 “Precious time is slipping away, But you know your only king for a day…”

Life is not a rehearsal for what is ahead. You get to choose how you want to live today. Make wise choices and enjoy your life.

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