Welcome to My Emotional Intelligence Blog!

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Welcome to the launch of my new website and first blog post. I am super excited about my new Emotional Intelligence Blog and will update it every week. I plan to share with you the things I have learned and practice in my life, how I encourage others to take responsibility for the choices they make, the consequences that come, and how to take control of the things they want to change.

While many people are pretty satisfied with their lives, others aren’t; and EVERYONE can improve upon their mental and emotional health, and thereby, improve their physical health.

In the future I will write about what causes emotions, how an emotion ends up in some bad behavior, and how to change how you react so there is no more bad behavior. We will look at the brain’s involvement in creating emotions and how brain rewiring is a real solution to changing one’s behavior, bad habits and attitudes and addictions. No, this is not some type of surgery.

We will explore the world of mental health and how emotions that get out of control can be a precipitator to a mental health crisis, lead to the hospital, or even to an arrest. You will learn how to change your brain chemistry by increasing the release of dopamine and serotonin into your brain.

I will also throw in some other thoughts about life, current events and various other ideas, insights and actions you can take to bring more happiness into your life by controlling your emotions.

What we’re looking at is learning how to be intelligent with your emotions, to make better choices, change problem behavior, and thereby improve the quality of your life. This is what Emotional Intelligence is all about! I’ll try to keep it relevant and interesting!

Appreciate your time!